Sport " Bon voyage "

by Sport

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released January 29, 2014

Instruments recorded live on the 22nd and 23rd of june 2013 at Magic Studio, Saint-Péray, engineering by Nico Eschallier.
Mixed by Nico Eschallier and SPORT at Magic Studio, Saint Péray.
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe at Maniac Mansion, Philadelphia.
Artwork arranged by Julien Yeh.




Walking is still honest records Berlin, Germany

Walking is still honest records is a label/distro established in 2011 in Andalusia, (south Spain). D.I.Y. project created with the idea of supporting projects I feel an affinity and/or friendship with. Music matters to me as also attitude does it. This is a label that releases mainly Hardcore-Punk related stuff, but I’m interesting in some other genres too. This is a non-profit project ... more

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Track Name: Reggie Lewis
Here’s what i’ve learnt
Just a few words
"When someone loves you
The weather is so fine
I can’t say better
The weather is just so fine"

So here we are
Only you and I

Today outside
Can’t see no cloud
Track Name: Eric Tabarly
Day problems
In the long run

And I just wanna leave
This big city
There’s no one I know
We’re no kids in the yard
It rang midnight
Under zero

Take my hand
I’m drowning

You could have treated me well
You made a promise you would do so
I can’t live with no compassion
And I broke my teeth as I needed you
I cannot swallow
This sweet taste of love that bleeds in my mouth
Everyday more bitter
Track Name: Florence Griffith-Joyner
Half asleep
I wake up with a stranger sleeping on my shoulder
I’m lost and I feel suddenly alive

Tell me if this road is taking us somewhere
Don’t matter
The journey is just fine

Where am I ?
Don’t care cause I know where my heart belongs to
My spirit wanders and I think of you

Hot and crowdy
I can barely breathe
This time and this place are just mine

Oh Lord
What do I know ?
This trip goes on and on and on and on
To Leh or San Fransisco
You’re the greatest land I can explore
In all the places I have been before

What do I know ?

This trip goes on and on and on and on
To Leh or San Fransisco
You’re the greatest land I can explore
In all the places I have been before
Track Name: Ulrike Maier
Polluted, the water in the bathtub has become so cold
I turn the tap it’s barely lukewarm
We were so beautiful, but beauty’s never been nothing to feed me, to feed me
Contemplating and wondering how this chaos has become so real

I’m falling, it’s fading, related, as dancers, we’re dancing, as lovers, we’re hating
We can try as hard as we can, not to grow in the same direction.
But it seems we’re just two branches attached to the same tree.
To the same tree, the same tree.
Or two seeds planted in the same soil

The rise looks endless, a few footsteps from the cliff
A clear horizon opens up to me
I drop your hand, start running, in need of bigger spaces
Confusion becoming a simple melody
Track Name: Jacques Mayol
If there’s a way to get out of this
Please let me know
Maybe we should talk about it
It’d be a great start

You’ve been two weeks mute,
Or am I plain deaf ?
Your postcard is nice
It just ain’t enough for me.
And we keep the drift between us
Alive and well
Today the shore is grey
You can’t let it go
And I can’t just walk away

Ever been to the Twin Cities ?
I’ve never been there.
They go along quite well.
So near yet so far away
I wish I could cut the distance
And pull you back to me.

Never been to Chile
Never to England
I’ll get there someday
Never been so happy
When you were around
Seems like yesterday
Track Name: André The Giant
Birds are tweeting on my window
The anger is not taking over
See, the bad is dying
Hope he’s not coming back

He’s no longer king of town
There’s no more king in this town
Track Name: Charles Lindbergh
Last night in Halifax
I was feeling much like a stranger among strangers
I drunk myself to sleep by a pond in a park
And I tried to stumble upon the water
Cold to the bone, when the ducks were gone, I went back home and lost my phone.
Oh dear what have I done ?
Now my girl, now she says I’m cold. cold as a stone! I should stay alone
What if I’m just a fool ?
Could it be a brand new start or simply another kind of ending?
Or what if it’s just who I really am?
A fool who loves to fool around, doing foolish things that he regrets?
What if I’m just a fool?
My dear friends
You’d better join me in that dark pond
Where the water’s cold but where love keeps us warm
You’d better jump as fast as you can
And bring some stories to tell
To make them live, live forever
No we won’t live forever, no we won’t live forever
But they will, they will
Track Name: Charlotte Cooper
Alright, I’m ready to take off
I’m no longer part of this endless carrousel

I looked around to find a better place
The backseat’s still warm
Got many books to read

It’s not the end
Just a chapter in a novel
The next one will be inked into our flesh
It’s not over
I want to create new memories
This recollection is the best to fill my heart

Shut the door
Step out one last time
Fill the backpack
Now it’s all I have
Here I am
There’s still so much to see
And I deeply hope that the best is to come

No longer, no longer part of this endless carrousel
I’m no longer part of this endless carrousel
Track Name: Matthew Webb
It all looks the same
In this place where everyone has twelve kids
Where do I draw my need
To swimm from a shore to another one ?

How’s it like beyond
This line between sky and sea
Can I reach this land by myself ?

Tell me how far
I am from the river of my youth
It's still somehow
My vision of accomplishment and well

My brother is safe
I keep living in his memories
It still looks the same
In the town where we learnt to swim

I don't want to drown, but nothing great is easy
Too late, the flow's already taking me down to the falls
Track Name: Doris Sams
I’m surrounded by people who, one day, will be gone
The sea will soon fade our precious vows, they’re written in the sand
I watch her pictures and what I see is everything I’m not
A dog, a marriage, some frisbee games, 7 years are gone
And as we talk it just feels the same, time doesn’t fade it all
We’re growing up then we’re losing touch, but the same joke makes me laugh

Past eleven, he’s coming too close
Past eleven, he’s coming too close

We all try to conceal our secret parts
There’s a werewolf in my such good mannered pal
This kind of guy to keep the right distance with his mind
Is trying, trying to get closer to me

Past eleven, his face is way too close

Your breath smells awesome, I like you when you’re around
But still pas à son aise
Is this imagination ? Sometimes I fear you just wanna kiss me

Past eleven, your mouth is way too close from mine
Past eleven, my cheek gets raped by your nose